Monday Deep Sessions
The podcast for the weekly Monday Deep Sessions with Amir Groove.

Monday Deep Sessions with Amir Groove featuring Danny Williams broadcast on Ibiza Sonica on 26.07.10.

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Monday Deep Sessions with Amir Groove broadcast on Ibiza Sonica on 19.07.10.

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Monday Deep Sessions with Amir Groove featuring Krummstoff broadcast on Ibiza Sonica on 12.07.10.

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Deepclass Tunes mixed and compiled by Amir Groove.


Track listing:

4 Hour Wonder - Agent Matteo

Monday Groove - Amir Groove

Likewise (Sendos Fuera Remix) - Amir Groove & Agent Matteo

Room Vibe - Alessio Caforio

Groove Is In The Air - Fer Ferrari

Dance With Me? - Fer Ferrari

Feel It - David Vélez

Timeline - Motti Brothers

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 Monday Deep Sessions with Amir Groove featuring Will Sumsuch broadcast on Ibiza Sonica on 05.07.10.


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